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Sunday, January 01, 2006

What bugged me most about 2005

A whole lot of truly awful shit happened in 2005, one of the worst things happened right before the ball dropped, in fact. But you know what still bugs me more than anything else that's happened the whole year, including illegal, impeach-the-fuck, domestic spying? Schiavo-gate.

Nothing quite captured the crepulence of the executive branch, modern GOP, and all the Republicans and "conservatives" out there than Schiavothon '05. Her brain was liquified slush and the president interrupts his vacation for her. He didn't do that when Bin Laden was "determined to strike [the] U.S." Bill Frist gets on TV and commits malpractice in absentia by declaring mush-mind not brain dead. Tom Delay gets on TV and declares she's alert and responsive and doing the hully-gully. Every pundit in the country acts like a complete fuck, every jackass with an opinion suddenly goes Wham! and begs the state to intervene and "choose life".

And then she dies and they perform an autopsy and not only is she certainly a vegetable, she's blind. She was a blind vegetable, pretty much just as every reputable doctor had said from the beginning, and we lived with the hoary-est bullshit imaginable for months, and no one, absolutely no one has paid any price for it. All them fucks basically drew a line in the sand with reason and rationality on one side and complete fuck-o-rama, waste of fucking space on the other, and half the fucking nation chose douchebaggery... and no one looks a fool. It got swept under the rug of polite discourse and no one is calling for the head of Tom Delay, for instance, just on the principal that he told us, point-blank, he's a complete and utter fuck.

Still bugs me. It illustrates better than anything what a cesspool of bastardized morality this country has become. Happy new year, fuck-land USA.

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