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Friday, October 21, 2005

Is this some kind of a fucking joke? Is this 2002?

Bush Calls for U.N. Action Against Syria.

President Bush on Friday said the U.N. should deal quickly and seriously with a report implicating Syria in the assassination of Lebanon's former prime minister, a killing that led to protests and withdrawal of Syrian troops from Lebanon after nearly 30 years as overlord.

"The report strongly suggests that the politically motivated assassination could not have taken place without Syrian involvement," Bush said.

I got a report for you, asshole... The last 4 fucking years!

"Today a serious report came out that requires the world to look at very carefully and respond accordingly," Bush said.
The Security Council, which can impose political and economic sanctions, was already scheduled to meet next Tuesday to consider the report from German prosecutor Detlev Mehlis. The U.S. mission said Friday it had no plans to call for an earlier meeting time.

Separately, the U.N. will soon receive another report on Syrian compliance with last year's U.N. demand that it quit Lebanon and allow political self-determination there.

Rice, on a trip to Tuscaloosa, Ala., said, "Accountability is going to be very important for the international community."

Rice and British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw, with whom she was traveling, called on Syria to show good will toward Lebanon by establishing diplomatic relations with the country. Syria must "fully understand" that it must not intervene in Lebanon and must respect its sovereignty, Rice said at a joint news conference.

Rice gave no hint what plans the United States has for a Security Council meeting on Syria. The issue must be thoroughly debated, she said.

The council "will have no real credibility if it does not take seriously the implications of this report," Rice said.

Accountability? Credibility? Jesus christ, are you kidding me?

Bush and Rice talking about accountability and credibility? That's like Jessica Simpson talking about her muse.


Why doesn't everyone laugh at these people? Why doesn't the UN just sit back and fucking guffah and say "OK, OK, seriously. Let's talk serious about this. We appreciate the comic relief, US, but we need to get serious".

"We are serious! Accountability! Credibility!"

"Hahahahahaha!!! OK, OK. Enough. Sit down you assholes."

Jesus Christ. It's like living in a cheap joke shop.

Saturday, October 01, 2005



That is all.

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