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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Some spam I got

This is the content of a spam that had a very nasty, disgusting title so I just had to look at:

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Dear George Burns,

I know I have all kinds of philosophical muckety-muck between me and faithfully believing in an all-powerful being who gives a shit if I do it doggy-style, for instance, but I'd really, really appreciate it if you could make sure John Kerry wins by a fucking landslide. Not just a win, but he wins so bad it's like he pulled down W's pants and fucked him live on TV screaming "Bitch!"

If this doesn't happen I'll just have to assume you're either not up there or you're not a nice guy. Apparently I'll burn forever in hell for a multitude of things I've done to offend you, but at the same time you can't find it in your infinite infiniteness to grant any of my wishes. Ever. Kind of a one-way system you got there and frankly, I just can't cotton to shit like that.

But if it does come true, and we all get to watch W throw a hissy fit and bawl when the results come in, I'll consider you "all right", which is the same thing as "pretty boss", which is just fine and a mark for your side.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Bono is such a tool.

And I love him.

I do. He's the rock star you can hate so easily. So very easily. He's everything everyone hates about rock stars wrapped up in one rock star, and yet there he is, still kicking it, and still kicking it better than 80% of anything that's out there at any given time.

What a fag.

It'd be so easy to fall into cynicism and embrace the "shut the fuck up you posing, aging, pretentious asshole" mindset, but dammit, he transcends easy math...

That's why he's "Bono".

Wednesday, October 13, 2004


For anyone who might come here looking for info on the documentary...

It's being worked on. Soon.

It's tough though, because every time I come back to it I pretty much have to watch 1/4 of all the footage again to get started. It's been a real bear, but it's coming together.

And I haven't forgot... man I really, really haven't forgot the people that were kind and generous enough to actually give me some $$. Someday soon I'll dig through my email and send them all an update, and you will receive a copy when done, plus some other silly stuff I've done, because you're much better people than I. Seriously.

Monday, October 11, 2004

I need a new drug.

I have no loyal readers, but acting on the conceit that I do remember when I told ya'll about my wedding and my friend whom when we'd go hiking together we'd "chew" and we did it for old times sake and now he's got a really bad habit?

Well... I don't have a habit, but I'm editing something and I have to do it every day and night otherwise I won't get done and the answer has been... chew.

I become Tim Plus! If I'm tired and just wanna sit on my ass and I have no ideas or discipline, I pop some in and suddenly I'm all over that shit. Also, I don't mind doing housework. So my wife actually sort of encourages the practice because she's in school and works full time so she's never home so someone's gotta do it.

But this stuff is gross and it's bad for your health in general and more importantly for your gums and teeth. Thanks to a shitty dentist (the only kind a low, low middle-class guy like me can afford in LA) my teeth, while still good generally, aren't the magnificent choppers they once were. Seriously, it's freaking me out. I have a terrible dentist. I've been brushing about 5 times a day for the past 6 months (I used to only 3 times a day at most, often only 2) to make up for it but still, this shit ain't helping.

Wow. How gross sounding. I'm not in the British book of big smiles or anything, I'm just getting older and I gotta maintain, so...

I need a new drug!

Friday, October 08, 2004


"I hear on the internets..."

The president of the free world, ladies and gentlemen.


K-man! Be less politician-y and you'll win them.

Almost... but not quite.

I almost feel sorry for Bush. He's no match for Kerry. Kerry is crushing him.

Imagine it, a petty little man, spoiled, silver spoon, drunken 40-year bender, riding on his family's coattails, been cloistered as president, cut off from challenge...

There he is, naked on stage and all his swagger and confidence and "charm" laid bare and pointless and shallow before a room full of people and the whole world, across from him a grown up, a real man illustrating just what a little, sad man Bush is.

It's almost enough to make you pity him.

But then you remember he's George W Bush: Fucktard.

Fuck him. Burn baby burn.

Kerry needs to be more precise on answering the questions though.

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